Sort and Delete PDF pages Online

Effortlessly rearrange and delete PDF pages with 3 steps

1. Choose pdf file to sort and delete pages

2. Sort and delete the pages you want

3. Press "Process" and start the magic!

4. Download the result in seconds!


How To Rearrange PDF Pages

In the field above, you can upload a PDF file you want to edit.

When the file is uploaded, you will see thumbnails of every page of your document. If you want to delete a page, simply click on the multiplication sign icon. To rearrange the pages, simply drag and drop the pages where you want them.

Sort & Delete PDFs Online

Web2PDF works online. That means you don't need to download or install any software. Simply provide your file and everything else is done in the Web2PDF cloud.

Afraid of viruses and malware? Eliminate the risk by using an online PDF editor like Web2PDF.

What Is It Good For?

When scanning documents, it's possible to make mistakes regarding the order of the pages. Instead of having to scan everything again, it's way easier to simply re-order the pages of your PDF document, isn't it?

And what if there is sensible information inside a PDF? Just delete the pages in question and forward the “clean” version to your clients or friends.

Secure PDF Editing

Security issues occur all over the internet. That's why Web2PDF goes the extra mile to keep your files secure!

All information about copyright, file handling and deletion as well as monitoring can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Files You Can Sort & Edit

At Web2PDF we focus on all needs revolving around your PDF documents. Rearranging PDF pages and deleting single pages is one of the features we provide.

PDF Editing Wherever You Go

Since Web2PDF is an online service, it is available from all over the world. Edit your PDFs from your smartphone on the bus, or from a colleagues Mac computer: it will work!

The most common browsers as well as all operating systems are supported.Split and extract PDF files from your smartphone or tablet, using Linux or OS X and from any browser.


How to sort or delete pages from a PDF file?

Sort pages inside a PDF document or delete PDF pages you don't need. Just upload your file and after we have generated thumbnails from your PDF file, you can sort the pages. Sorting & deleting of a PDF has never been that easy!

How do I edit or delete a page from a PDF?

Click the Rotate Clockwise icon to rotate the page 90 degrees to the right. Use the Delete Pages option to remove unwanted pages from the final PDF. Select the thumbnail for page 1 and click the Delete Pages option to delete the selected page. Click OK to confirm that you want to delete this page. Add a new page from an existing file

How to reorder pages in a PDF?

Reorder PDF Pages 1 Upload a PDF. 2 Reorder the pages via drag & drop using the thumbnails. 3 Click on the trash icon to delete single pages. 4 By clicking on a thumbnail, you can select multiple pages and rearrange them together. 5 Sort the pages ascending or descending by clicking on the respective button (optional). See More....

How to organize PDF files online?

Organize PDF files online. Free tool to sort PDF pages Sort, add and delete PDF pages. Drag and drop the page thumbnails and sort them in our PDF organizer. Upload your file and transform it.

PDF Tools

If you have a PDF that you need to edit in another file format, you can use our PDF converter to convert your PDF to PNG, JPG, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and other formats in seconds.